Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday Update #21

[What's up] I can't help but feel home-sick after such a wonderful week in Berlin. Got to see my friends and explored all the new exciting places that popped up in the last few years. Going with Emma, of course, we captured every single minute on camera. I've already imported all my photos on to my hard drive and I took over 1000 pictures, can you believe that? So you can look forward to tons of Berlin travel tips and impressions, at least, once I have the time to go through them. This weekend I'm off to Cologne again to see my family. It's a busy month!

[Last week's highlights] It's hard to narrow-down last week's highlights. The whole week was filled with highlights that I'll definitely expand on deeper in travel posts. Visiting my favourite spots, but also discovering new places, I felt like a local and a tourist at the same time. It's remarkable how quickly Berlin is changing constantly, with many interesting restaurants and boutiques opening non-stop. To go to all the places I want to and spend quality time with everyone, I'd have to go for at least a month! But a week is better than nothing, right?

Staying at Mani Hotel* for a night was definitely a whole new experience. It made our first day in Berlin much more relaxing than it would have been otherwise. Since it's located right next to Rosenthaler Platz we were able to visit all the boutiques that were on our to-visit list straight-away. And sleeping in a hotel bed after spending the night on the coach to the airport, is definitely unbeatable in terms of comfort.

Since it was the first time in Berlin for Emma we obviously had to visit some iconic Berlin sights and tourist places as well. Brandenburg Gate, TV and Memorial Church were obvious choices, but we also went to the Neues Museum and the Jewish Museum. I really recommend visiting the Jewish Museum. It was the 2nd time I've been, but I was just as moved as I was before.

Last but not least, I ate so much during my stay in Berlin. Of course, I had to have Currywurst and Doner Kebab, but we also had a long list of restaurants and cafes we wanted to visit. Actually, it was the longest list out of all the list I made for Berlin. I'm really happy we managed to go to most places on the list, so there's definitely a post about some great food places to visit in Berlin coming up soon!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Flowing Creativity

I can still remember clearly how I started getting interested in drawing. It was my first year of school, when one of my friends showed me a volume of Sailor Moon. I was so fascinated by these beautifully drawn characters, I started sketching my favourite sailor fighters shortly after. I'd spend hours and hours after school drawing, would go to the art supplies shop to slowly increase my Copic marker collection to imitate Japanese manga artists and even sold art prints when I was 16 (You can see my old drawings on Deviantart). But I wasn't just drawing manga characters, art classes got me interested in more traditional painting, from still life to expressionism. I enjoyed it all. Though, once I came closer to final exams at school, I spent less and less time drawing.

I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe it was the stress of exams, maybe it's because I started going out with my friends more. I just know that right now, I try to spend most of my free time with my friends or family. And drawing isn't really a group activity, is it? Or when I just want to relax, I simply put on my favourite TV show. But when I picked up the brush again the other day, it made me realise how much I actually miss fully immersing myself into drawing. Doing some rough sketches, mixing the colours together and bringing the paper to life. It made me wonder about all the things you slowly forget about once you become older and other things take priority. Or maybe your interests simply changed. Though, I realised now that I definitely don't want to forget my love for drawing. Even if I won't be able to do it every day, I'll make sure that my brushes won't catch dust.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Green House

Duster Coat Forever 21 | Lace Cami Dress Bank Fashion* | Bucket Bag Monki (new!)  
Nike Thea Print Trainers via Asos

If you're craving some tropical island vibes, but can't make your way to an uninhabited island right this moment, green houses are your best bet. Of course, it's not a place to sport a bikini and flip flop combo, unless you want to people staring at you, but it definitely makes for a great afternoon hide-out from London's Spring showers. I've also re-discovered my artistic skills and tropical plants are a great motive to give your room a hint of green ('cause we all know having plants in your bedroom is not good for you!).  So one rainy Sunday, Emma and I made our way to the Barbican Conservatory, zooming in on every single plant and trying to capture some serene shots of ourselves. Fun fact: As Emma and I rarely have photos together, except for the occasional Wefie, we asked two art students to take a picture of us. They then suggested we use their sketchbooks and pens as props and we turned into artists for this little shot. Looks pretty convincing, doesn't it? Since I want to go back with my own sketchbook some time, you could say it's not completely staged (plus, they told us to!). It was surely a fun experience.

Barbican Conservatory 
Barbican Centre
Silk Street
ECY2 8DS London