Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sweettooth Rocker

Ribbed Sweater Reiss* | Faux Leather Vest Forever21 | Jeggings NoName | Necklace Claire's*
Earrings Floralpunk | Backpack Sunita Mukhi* | Boots Dr. Martens*

When I was 14 I thought I was pretty tough and badass, listening to rock music (okay, only J-Rock) and dying my hair different colours. The only thing that's left of that time now is my tendency to wear black and leather...

So every now and then, I get my military boots and biker vest out, topped with some dark lips to finish the rocker chick look. In my last outfit post (here), someone mentioned they found it amazing that I had a definable style. Though, I'm not even sure I do. Some days I go for buttoned up shirts and try to look all proper and put together, on other days I feel girly and get my floaty dresses out. It's all up to my mood really. Plus, I don't even think you need to define your style. Your personality itself is multi-dimensional, so why can't your style be? So when Hai-Yen, Nana and me headed to Chinatown for some Dim Sum feasting, I just felt like going for something more edgy and especially super comfortable (leaving enough room for lots of Dim Sum in my belly). Nothing's worse than being stuck in some tight skinny jeans during some foodie fun or having your feet hurting, when you are out and about town. I mean, if you've seen my lookbook video (here), then you know we had a full schedule! So perfect companions for such a busy day were Dr Martens Boots for long walks, the Reiss sweater in combination with the biker vest for some warmth, jeggings to leave room for lots of food, Sunita Mukhi backpack to carry all the essentials and the jewellery to spice things up a little.

Added later. 

photos taken by Hai-Yen (gisela is back)

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bye Chapped Lips:
Nuxe Reve de Miel Review

There is no recipe for attractiveness. It's all subjective and relative. But there's one thing I know for sure: There's no one that's into chapped lips...

Okay, it's not like chapped lips would immediately get you dumped or something. I'd be shocked if it it did! Still, soft lips are not only good for kissing, but they also make lipstick application much easier and the results better. Especially when you are into bold lips like me! So I've tried the usual: vaseline, chubby sticks and even face cream, but nothing really worked for me. It simply felt like a greasy film was covering my mouth and once the "grease" came off, all that was left were dry lips. Then I came across Nuxe Reve de Miel and everything changed!
Until I got my first bottle of the Bioderma Micellin Water on my last trip to Paris and received some Avene products in the mail, the whole French pharmacy hype total went past me. Now that I'm also on the bandwagon, I'm super excited whenever I get my hands on some more goodies. On my last visit to Berlin, I went to this pharmacy at Hackescher Markt where they've got all the bestsellers and even offer a 10% student discount. That's when I got myself the holy grail of lip balms: the Nuxe Reve de Miel. For beauty fanatics, it's nothing new. For me it was revolutionary! Leaving your lips smooth and soft without looking shiny, it also has a fresh citron scent to it which I simply adore. Though, it might not be your thing, if you prefer unscented products. So after exfoliating my lips, I apply a tiny amount and I'm good for the whole day. Definitely worth the hype. The only thing that kind of puts me down is the fact that I have to put my finger into the tub, but I wouldn't know any more hygienic way to store such a lip product.

+ Soft lips
+ Long-lasting
+ Not greasy
- Scented
- Unhygienic

Worth buying? Definitely yes! And I saw that it's currently on offer on feelunique: £6.50 instead of £9.50 (here).

Es gibt kein Geheimrezept fuer Attraktivitaet. Doch eines ist sicher: trockene Lippen sind auf jeden Fall nicht attraktiv. Okay, ist jetzt nicht so, als wuerde sofort 100% an Attraktivitaet verlieren. Doch trockene Lippen sind unschoen zu kuessen und machen den Lippenstiftauftrag um einiges schwieriger. Habe so einiges probiert: Vaseline, Labello und sogar Cremes. Aber nichts hat wirklich geholfen, sondern die Lippen sogar trockener gemacht, nachdem die Fettschicht sich dann nach Kurzem aufloest. Eigentlich habe ich mich schon damit abgefunden und habe mir lediglich vorgenommen mehr zu trinken. Doch bei meiner Recherche nach Bestsellern, was franzoesische Beauty-Produkte betrifft (nach meiner letzten Parisreise hat auch mich der Trend gepackt), bin ich ganz oft auf das Nuxe Reve de Miel gestossen und dachte, wieso nicht einmal ausprobieren. Als ich dann in Berlin war und mir eine Apotheke am Hackeschen Markt aufgrund des Studentenrabattes empfohlen wurde, kam der Lippenbalsam als erstes in den Warenkorb. Habe nicht allzu viel erwartet, doch nun gehoert es zu meiner Morgenroutine! Kein Wunder also, dass ueberall davon geschwaermt wird! Definitely worth the hype. Meine Lippen sind dann den ganzen Tag schoen weich, aber vor allem matt! Das einzige, was einem an dem Produkt vielleicht stoeren koennte, ist die Tatsache, dass es nach Zitrusfrucht riecht und man den Finger zum Auftrag benutzen muss. Doch ich persoenlich finde den Geruch sehr angenehm und desinfiziere meine Haende eh immer bevor ich Make-Up auftrage. Beim Recherchieren habe ich auch ein super Angebot gefunden: Auf feelunique gibt es Nuxe Reve de Miel fuer £6.50 statt £9.50 (hier). Weiss jetzt nicht, wo genau man es in Deutschland kriegt und wie viel es dort kostet (da es in Deutschland schon guenstiger ist, als hier in Grossbritannien).

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Timberland: #InMyElement

Timberland and me. An unusual combination, I admit. But knowing how much I appreciate creativeness and how well Timberland is catering to that interest now, it could actually be a good fit...

To be honest, Timberland has never been on my fashion radar. As an outdoor brand it's definitely not suitable for the clumsy me that even trips, when simply walking straight. Plus, when was the last time you have seen my in brown shoes? Can't remember? Me neither. Nonetheless, I was quite curious when I got invited to their revamped flagship store. I mean, Timberland is a popular brand for a reason, right? And maybe the weight of their outdoor boots might keep me on the ground for once, in comparison to my flimsy flats and sandals. So off I went to Regent Street to check out the effort they put the store makeover. Oh, and how I loved the warmth of the construction elements you can find throughout the two levels, the frames (lots of frames) with handsome guys and plenty of potted plans that make me feel like I was home with my mum who has an incredible green thumb. It makes you feel so comfortable while wandering around from shoes to shirts or trousers. Though, what struck me the most was a new addition to the store to showcase just how much Timberland has transitioned into a brand that focuses not only on outdoor performance, but also on style: The flagship store also has a corner where you can customise your new pair of shoes. You can go crazy with the laces, add studs and even get your initials "tattoed" onto your shoes by their laser machine. It's all about customisation! Plus, once a month there will be an illustrator or graffiti artists as well, giving the boots a unique makeover. So even though, Timberland might not be able to transform my style (I'm pretty loyal, when it comes to that), they definitely got the interior-obsessed and wannabe-artist me excited. Definitely worth to check out.

144 Regent Street

Timberland und ich. Ziemlich ungewohnte Kombination, ich gebe es zu. Doch wenn man weiss, wie sehr ich Kreativitaet schaetze und wie sehr Timberland doch dieses Seite an mir mittlerweile anspricht, koennte man fast sagen, dass es wider Erwarten doch ganz gut passt.

Wenn ich ehrlich bin, habe ich nie wirklich ueber Timberland nachgedacht. Ich meine koerperliche Aktivitaeten sind nicht gerade meine Staerke. Ausserdem trage ich ziemlich selten braun. Weiss gar nicht mehr, wann das letzte Mal war, dass ich braune Schuhe getragen habe. Aber als ich zur Neueroeffnung des Timberland Store's eingeladen worden bin, war ich dann doch ziemlich neugierig. Ich meine die Schuhe sind ja nicht umsonst so beliebt. Und vielleicht wuerden sie dabei helfen mich nicht staendig stolpern zu lassen, wie meine Sandalen es tun. Also habe ich mich zur Regent Street begeben, um das Makeover des Stores genauer zu betrachten. Das Interior hatte etwas von Schuster, aber strahlte auch eine gewisse Waerme aus, die mich an "Zuhause" erinnert. Warme Farben, dekorative Bilderrahmen und viele Topfpflanzen. Gefaellt. Aber am meisten begeistert war ich dann wohl vom DIY-Bereich, in dem man seine Schuhe personalisieren konnte. Ob Nieten, Schnuersenkel oder sogar Initialendruck, es gab so einige Moeglichkeiten kreativ zu werden! Und einmal im Monat gibt es auch Besuch von lokalen Kuenstlern, die den Boots ihren eigenen Look verpassen. Auf jeden Fall eine tolle Idee und spricht mich als Wannabe-Kuenstler ziemlich an, auch wenn die Timberland Boots eher weniger zu meinem Stil passen. Aber herumschauen und rumbasteln geht immer, nicht wahr?